PAAG8 Stock ManagementStock Management

Stay in control.

Effective inventory management begins with a well-defined stock catalog. The Stock module streamlines the management of your consumable inventory. PAAG’s flexibility allows you to set up a supply catalog with as much or as little detail as you need. Stock item entries can include location, categories, GL number, photos, and more. Define the how each item is distributed and ordered to reduce carrying cost. Create automatic reorder thresholds to ensure an ongoing minimum inventory of critical supplies.

Stock Catalog

The Stock module makes manual adjustments straightforward and convenient. Increase or decrease quantities on hand, cancel logins, return items to stock, and make other adjustments with just a few clicks. Use the Notes field to document reasons in a clear audit trail. Integrated login and logout history shows exactly what came in and what went out, with full receipt and pricing details.

  • Include photos to include requisition accuracy
  • Set thresholds for reordering critical supplies
  • View extensive history with logins and logouts on one screen
  • Flag items as On Hold or Offsite directly on the table
  • Cancel logins or return items to stock directly on the table
  • Navigate to originating documents (POs, etc.) from table with one click
  • Generate reports on inventory valuation, history, and usage

The Stock module gives you quick, easy insight into all purchasing activity. PAAG automates your inventory tracking, so that you can see at a glance the quantities On Hand, On Order and On Backorder for every item. This perpetual inventory is always accurate, giving you to up-to-the-minute information on everything entered in the system.