Purchasing at a Glance

Since 1992, Purchasing at a Glance (PAAG) has been a leader in purchasing management software. It was originally written by bankers for bankers, back in the day when programs were relatively simple and fit on floppy discs. This DOS version was revolutionary in its ability to track and report on purchasing activities. The original developers of the program continue to use it, incorporating the many upgrades and updates that have come along over the years.

Several re-writes of the code, the inclusion of the Supply Cart module, and taking advantage of the latest in software and hardware technology have brought PAAG to its current configuration. Our software developers continue to refine, update, and upgrade the software, with cumulative annual updates available to all active subscribers.

PAAG customers are from a variety of industries, including financial institutions, insurance companies, and hospitals.

Our parent company, Vision Software Solutions, also develops and maintains software for use by credit analysts. For more information about these programs, click HERE.

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VSS Vision Statement
We will provide superior credit analysis and purchasing management software to community banks and credit unions. Our products will be developed to the highest standards and in compliance with all regulations. We will provide exceptional and personal customer support. Our solutions will reduce the risk of loan loss and improve the operational efficiency of our clients, promoting a sound and stable banking system and the expansion of small business, the backbone of our economy. We are committed to the perpetual improvement of our processes and a culture of growth and opportunity for all stakeholders.

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