About Us

For over 30 years, the products of Vision Software Solutions (VSS) have been providing software products that meet the needs of commercial lenders, credit analysts, and purchasing managers world-wide.

VSS develops, markets, and supports Purchasing at a Glance, the premier purchasing management program for financial institutions. It is also used by health care facilities and other businesses.

VSS is built upon the solid foundation laid in the 1980s by VSS Board Members who created FISCAL and marketed its standardized financial statement analysis to banks, credit unions, SBDCs, and Credit Managers. In 2000, Vision Software Solutions acquired Purchasing at a Glance. In 2007, Vision Software Solutions acquired an exception and document tracking solution and integrated this product with FISCAL, forming the modular FISCAL Credit Suite.  The addition of CrossLink to FISCAL Credit Suite allows a seamless transfer of data from host/core systems to FISCAL and FISCAL TRACKING.

The products developed and supported at VSS have a legacy of providing the tools to reduce risk and increase profit in all economies. Hundreds of institutions and thousands of end-users enjoy the ease of use and consistent results from our software.

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VSS Vision Statement
We will provide superior credit analysis and purchasing management software to community banks and credit unions. Our products will be developed to the highest standards and in compliance with all regulations. We will provide exceptional and personal customer support. Our solutions will reduce the risk of loan loss and improve the operational efficiency of our clients, promoting a sound and stable banking system and the expansion of small business, the backbone of our economy. We are committed to the perpetual improvement of our processes and a culture of growth and opportunity for all stakeholders.

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