PAAG8 RequisitionsRequisitions

Maintain Control.

Purchasing at a Glance gives you the flexibility to define and control your requisition process. Create requisitions in the main program or use Supply Cart's browser-based ordering, allowing users to order their department-specific supplies.

Requisitions are automatcially routed through pre-defined approval and processing channels before being fulfilled. Requests for items that are not currently in stock can be used to build Purchase Orders - yet another way to reduce the time-consuming steps and inefficiences that sometimes are encountered in purchasing and inventory management.

  • Require Approvals by Department and dollar amount
  • Allow direct user input of requisitions
  • Automatically notify approvers via email of pending requisitions
  • Approve or reject at either requisition or line item level
  • Limit supply requests to your predefined Stock Catalog items
  • Allow requests for one-time purchases via generic line items with notes
  • Review requisition history by Department, Stock Item, or GL Number
  • Create audit trail of requisition history
PAAG's systematic approach allows you to elimated duplicate tasks, facilitate compliance with established purchasing policies, and maintain control of who gets what.


This web-based component makes it possible for departments to submit and approve requisitions from anywhere. Click HERE to read about Supply Cart.