Purchasing at a Glance v.8

Accounting Integration • Purchase Orders • Vendor Quotations • Invoice Processing • Approval Process
Automatic Reordering • Management Reports • Budget Analysis • Stock Management • Audit Trail
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PAAG8 Overview


PAAG puts you in control of your purchasing processes and inventory management. The result of 30 years of experience, our software saves you time, money and frustration.

PAAG8 Benefits


PAAG simplifies your workflow, bringing together every aspect of purchasing in a single system. With the details organized into a clear structure, you have ready access to all of the information you need.

PAAG8 Features


PAAG’s features keep your purchasing on track by making it easy to see what tasks need attention, easy to take the next steps in the process, and easy to track the progression of activities.

PAAG8 Functions


PAAG matches everyone in your organization with the purchasing functions they need, from requisition submission to approval to delivery, with clear reporting on all activities.