Purchasing at a Glance

PAAG8: Clarity, Consistency, Control Clarity. Consistency. Control.
Purchasing and inventory management shouldn't be sources of frustration and wasted time. Purchasing at a Glance simplifies the complex process of getting all your departments what they need, when they need it. Solid record-keeping ensures accurate accounting.

We help you:

• Structure your purchasing policies into a single, workable system.
• Give everyone in the company access to the information and functions appropriate to their role.
• Automate submission of requisitions and approvals.
• Manage your time more effectively.
• Monitor the bottom line with comprehensive reports including stock usage, department budgets, and
   vendor performance.

Purchasing at a Glance is designed to provide all of the functionality and flexibility you need without
the complications you don’t need.

Supply Cart

PAAG8 Supply Cart This web-based component makes it possible for departments to submit and approve requisitions remotely. Requisitions are then routed through appropriate channels for processing and delivery. Allowing departments to request their own items maximizes compliance and efficiency.