• Customer from Virginia

    "PAAG helps me generate savings by letting me know quantities and the amount I paid for previous orders. It also lets me keep up with all my inventory by knowing what shelf each item is on, telling me how much I need to reorder and when. The many reports that are available are very helpful when management wants information on costs or usage from the past. Customer service, although I've not needed it very often, is exceptional." RS, Bank, Virginia

  • Customer from New York

    "I have been using Purchasing at a Glance for almost 20 years, upgrading as upgrades became available. Every enhancement that has been made to the system over the years has made it that much better. It is such a user friendly system. I especially like the receiving portion - it is great to be able to receive items and then go back and enter the actual invoice information with the correct shipping and tax. This gives the most exact unit price, and from a budget standpoint that is very helpful. The customer service is exceptional!" NJP; Insurance Company, New York

  • Customer from Colorado

    "The History and Usage Graph on the Stock Maintenance screens has helped me lower inventory costs by reducing the number of items sitting on my shelves. Through checking history by department, I can avoid over-stocking items and maintain a modified "Just In Time" inventory system. And since I can receive items into inventory without having an invoice, I can distribute stock to our departments immediately, keep my inventory and department distribution information current. This also streamlines the accounting when the invoice finally does arrive. Thanks for making my work life simpler." CT, Bank, Colorado

  • Customer from Florida

    "PAAG has been a great help to me, enabling me to perform my job more efficiently. Handling the supply orders for over twenty different departments would be overwhelming without the use of PAAG. The whole program is user friendly." TE, Credit Union, Florida

  • Customer from Texas

    "Prior to implementing PAAG I manually kept up with the purchasing process. I have now been using PAAG or over 15 years. It is a wonderful system! The training classes are one on one and very informative. You could not ask for a better customer service." RB, Bank, Texas

  • Customer from Pennsylvania

    "By using Purchasing at a Glance, I am able to provide accurate data to the branches and departments as they prepare for quarterly budget reviews and yearly budget figures. Purchasing at a Glance definitely helps you maintain total control of your inventory with ease." DA, Credit Union, Pennsylvania

  • Customer from Illinois

    "We have been using Purchasing at a Glance for over ten years. The system we were using was really antiquated, and so we especially appreciate the upates and upgrades. The staff has provided excellent help on the telephone, and the annual fee (a minimal one) is well worth the cost. We are very happy with the PAAG system." EM, Bank, Illinois

About Our Conferences and Training Sessions
  • Customer from Alabama

    "Through the sessions I discovered easier and quicker ways to navigate through the system and learned to utilize functions I didn't know existed. It was a great help to be able to was ask face-to-face questions with product experts. I found the conference highly informative, well organized, and extremely valuable. It was top rate from start to finish." Bank Officer, Users Conference Attendee, Alabama

  • Customer from Missouri

    "You have a wonderful staff representing your company. I was impressed with their expertise, their professionalism, and their kindness. Please thank each of them for me." BK, Bank Holding Co., Users Conference Attendee, Missouri

  • Customer from USA

    "Lots of great features in the software that I wasn't even aware of! The conference schedule was well designed, and sessions were just the right length. EVERYTHING was well run and organized." Anonymous Users Conference Attendee

  • Customer from USA

    " Having access to company personnel to talk to at any time was fantastic! It was also very nice to have large and small companies in the same conference so we could learn from each other - helping smaller companies see where they are going, and helping larger companies not forget their missions. One highlight was talking to the program developers, discussing current features and future upgrades with them." Anonymous Users Conference Attendee